Honesty Becomes Her

can i just admit something else?  this blog is called honesty becomes her- i wanted to be honest from the get go- so, here is a good place to admit things i guess!
i have been checking my email like crazy.  ever since i handed over my proposal to kathleen, the senior editor at harvest house, i’ve been getting into my email several times a day.  i know it’s silly to think i would have heard something by now, but i just can’t help myself.  i don’t stress over it, but i have thought through the possible outcomes.  she could flat out say no.  i’m nervous that this is going to happen because my proposal could have been stronger, and i have more clarity on where i want to take the book now.  but she could open the door a crack and start a conversation.  asking for more writing, or if i could take it in a different direction, or if i’m open to changes- i hope i hope i hope that she’ll start the conversation with me.  that it won’t be a straight out no- but i can’t help but be prepared for the worst.
so like a child waiting for her birthday morning, i feel excited and weary at the same time.  i’m ready to just know something.  anything.  to know she’s read it.  to stop going through the outcomes in my mind.  i promise to keep you posted.  even if it’s a no.


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