Honesty Becomes Her


Posted on: August 2, 2011

samuel has started wearing his superman costume under his clothing.  he says he’s a super hero in disguise.  it’s amusing and cute.  i’m glad he’s still playing and pretending and being a super hero at almost 10 years old.  i hope it lasts for more years to come.
but i noticed a story woven into his play that kept gnawing at me.  i thought it was good enough to share.

when he’s wearing his costume, you can kind of tell.  the bumps and bulges show through his clothes and he looks puffier than usual.  but if you didn’t know, you might miss it.  you might pass it off for something else, wrinkles in his clothes, or nothing at all.  i started wondering if it is the same with me.  do people see me as a christian in disguise?  maybe they see bumps here and there- i go to church and bible study, but they don’t get the whole picture?  my ‘real life’ doesn’t show the christian i really am?  i don’t want to be covered up with just small details showing through that clue people in to the fact that i might be a Christ follower.  i want people to know straight out that i love Jesus.  to see the real me, the full costume if you will.  being clothed in Christ.
so he plays, and i’m convicted.  wondering if i am living a life that disguises my true identity or one that shouts it obviously for all to see.  this is one i’ll be chewing on for a while.


1 Response to "superman!"

“So he plays, and I’m convicted.” Love it. I’ll be chewing right along with you. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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