Honesty Becomes Her

in style

Posted on: August 3, 2011

tucker is a funny kid.  he’s quirky and silly and i really enjoy him a lot.  he has issues with what he wears.  he dresses in strange get-ups everyday. i never know what he’ll choose to wear and what he’ll put together.  today he has changed at least three times.  right now he’s wearing a set of pj’s inside out so that they’re all white- with white socks- so that he can be a white ninja.  earlier he was wearing black clothes- including a shirt inside out to make it all black, and socks on his hands and feet – to be a black ninja.
he often wears his cowboy boots with his outfits- they are several sizes too small, yet he stuffs his feet into them, looking up at me with floppy white hair and big blue eyes saying ‘they’re not too small mama’.  i smile.  i know his feet must hurt, but he’s determined to make a statement with his choices.  he wears sweat pants with button down shirts, jeans with pj tops and jersey shorts over sweats.  if i would let him, he’d have his nails painted and a mohawk.  if i’d let him, he’d wear rain boots that don’t match and pjs on his body.  i try to let him soar with his decisions, but sometimes i have to put my foot down.  he has quite the fashion sense- i’m just not sure we’ve caught up to him yet.  🙂


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