Honesty Becomes Her

i tweet.  i’m a twitterer.  i.love.twitter. 🙂
i didn’t fully understand the power of twitter until my friend explained the web of connections to me a couple of weeks ago.
now i’m tweeting away, and enjoying seeing who is following along.
i think it’s awesome to connect to everyone from my friend down the street, to major publishing houses, to oprah.  all tweeting, all sending messages out into the world, it’s so fun!

the biggest issue i have is trying to think of witty things to say!  i feel so common, so ‘regular joe’, so normal.  i feel like my tweets are pretty bland, and i’m looking for ways to jazz them up.  for now though, i’ll just keep doing it. finding fun new people to follow and relishing in the neat people who are following me!  did i say i’m loving this?!


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