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back to school

Posted on: August 9, 2011

school starts in just a week.  i will be sending two of my little guys off to school for the day, then a week later, the youngest man child will join them for preschool.  i like the rhythm.  i like the routine, the structure, the ‘known’.  i am pretty involved with the kids classes, and chaperone field trips and help out in the classroom.  i l have liked their teachers, and have been blessed with who we’ve been paired with so far.  of course every year, there is that bit of uncertainty.  wondering who will be the teacher this year. how she/he will compare to past teachers and how the kids will gel with them.  but so far, we’ve been blessed.  i have every reason to believe that this year will be good too.  i can scarcely believe that samuel is entering 4th grade.  i remember my fourth grade year, my teacher, how i limped through that year.  i can’t believe he’s old enough to have big memories of what he’s living out these days.  that is both a blessing and a curse.  he can remember the things i do that build him up but he can also remember my failures, and how i let him down sometimes.

it will be fun to have ivy at home alone for a few hours each day.  i look forward to it.  spending time with her, letting her grow her play outside of the boys suggestions, seeing how she develops and changes through the year.  she’ll start dance class this year too and i can’t wait for her to have something of her own to do. she’s been begging to do it, and i’m excited to let her get to try.

so our house is cluttered with pencils and notebooks, paper and erasers, and we’re gearing up for the first day back. i’m just as excited as they are.  praying for a solid year filled with good experiences.  one week left of freedom and then school here we come!


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