Honesty Becomes Her


Posted on: October 18, 2012

it wasn’t until reading something written by someone else about joy, and struggle, and life that i was shot through with the awareness of what God has been speaking to me all week.  speaking to me through an innocent four year old remembering her sunday school lesson.  reciting it to me.  looking at me with a head cocked sideways, wanting, and waiting for it to sink in.

the reality is, that life here is precarious.  it always is, and yet there are some situations in which we are made aware of the edginess of life.  where we are left balancing on the edge of perceived success or feared failure with our eyes wide open.  thrown into walking a thin rope of struggle that sags and sways in the daily fight for balance and stillness. 
our family is walking that rope.  we have been for a year.  longer, if you want to get technical, but for a year, it has been widely known between us that the walk we’re taking is one of careful effort, tiptoeing in the right places of the very thin rope, trying to feel our way, grab hold to the fabric of life, and keep everything up, standing tall, away from what looks like a catastrophic fall. 
but sometimes in the falling, we manage to right ourselves.  to really stand tall and bear the full weight of all we’ve been trying to shrug off.  the weight that brings back a grounding in the heart, an awareness of the power of God moving in the small things that make up the very big things. 

and my four year old preaches.  she tells me at night in bed that Jesus stood in the boat and told the storm to stop.  she stands up from lunch and announces at random “Peace, be still!” she looks at me on the couch and reminds me that God knows how to make it stop.  she’s just reciting the newest truth she has absorbed, and yet gives the most powerful sermon i could hear right now.  peace.  be still.  God can stop it all. 

i finally heard her this morning.  those with ears to hear…. let them really hear.  out of the mouth of babes- and i’m sitting in this truth. 


1 Response to "tightrope"

BEautiful beautiful beautiful!! Go, Ivy! And way to go, mom! Praying for your thru the storm…

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