Honesty Becomes Her

who am i?

I’m a woman in an ever-growing relationship with God, married to a sexy marine, a mother to three sons and one daughter and in love with writing and photography.  I love spending time with my husband trevor, drinking good coffee, laughing with my dearest friends, reading a good book, taking a nap, eating a fabulous meal, learning new things, and being a mother.
I’m also broken, feeling my way along as a parent, learning how to best mother a special needs child,  and longing to be who I was designed to be.

i want to be authentic, i want to be honest and transparent and an encouragement…. i hope that as i write, more of me will be fleshed out and the good will be left…. thanks for joining me.


2 Responses to "who am i?"

Its been to long since we last spoke to eachother..you have been on my mind for a long time.Having been out of town dealing with family back in San Antonio,Tx. come to find you on face book.. was gald you add me .not your not in albany anymore … sad for me.. but I am so gald that you are havinh the help from family and friends back home.. I know we could have been good friends if we were given more time :).but here we can build a friendship to ..if you like .. I hope you remeber me. I first met you at Cindy Garensway ‘s home. I spoke to about EFMP . Souonds like you have some control right now and thats awesome. I’ll be going to clases in the fall to compleate my certificate in basic photography. Cindys says you have a site with your work. I would love to see it ,if you dont mind. I an want to take pictures of new borns and belly shots .I have some and wanted to know if you can take a look at then and let me know what you think?.
Well chica gots to do some work I would love to hear from you and stay in touch if you dont mind.

Can’t wait to hear from you
Barbi Salas

I love your honesty! You are a blessing! You are a challenge to press into the reality of God, not just what we wish he would be to make us comfortable, proud, or secure. And, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. You’re parents are surely proud of the woman you have become and are becoming!

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